Western Springs 1

Incorporated in 1886, the Village received its name from the water of its clear, cool springs which have since withered away. Since then Western Springs has evolved into a quiet, affluent Village with beautiful homes on various sized, meticulously maintained lots. Excellent commuter rail service and immediate access to the expressway system has established the Village as a quality bedroom community with a high average family income and a commitment to family values.

Opening the finest doors in Western Springs

The Village housing stock ranges in value from $350,000 to over $2,000,000. The Village’s population is mostly professionals including lawyers, doctors, engineers, and other management personnel. The Village’s downtown area thrives with a mix of retail, commercial, service and institutional uses. Downtown is the core of the community and serves as a formal and informal gathering place. Other shopping areas, such as Garden Market Center located at 47th St. and Gilbert, also serve the Village and surrounding communities. The business climate is complimented by excellent schools, parks, civic organizations, and a nationally recognized Theater of Western Springs. In November 2007, Western Springs was ranked by BusinessWeek.com as #2 of the 50 best small towns to raise children.